Reflecting on Thanksgiving and Looking to Chirstmas

IMG_0001 (Large) IMG_9969 (Large) IMG_9970 (Large) IMG_9973 (Large)Our CCOC Board President, Carlotta Eischens wrote this letter to the editor following the CCOC Thanksgiving Dinner.  We share it with you and invite you to the CCOC Christmas Dinner on December 25 from 11 am – 1 pm.


To the Editor:

Sincere gratitude to the nearly 100 volunteers who helped make the CCOC’s Thanksgiving Day Dinner a pleasure to be a part of.

From food donations, pie baking, potato peeling, turkey preparation, serving, delivering, cooking and clean up, our appreciated to you all for your part in such a team-effort, awesome community outreach event.

With your help we were able to serve 320 individuals in Renville and Redwood County. One hundred thirty meals were delivered to those who could not join us at the CCOC.

God was honored by your efforts on behalf of the CCOC.

Carlotta Eischens, Dinner Coordinator and CCOC President


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