Giving Thanks

For the first time this Thanksgiving, my family and I were able to volunteer at the CCOC free Community Thanksgiving Dinner. My husband, kids and my parents all gathered at the CCOC on Thanksgiving mthansgiving 15 - 1 (1)orning to receive directions from Carlotta Eischens. First, volunteers introduced themselves and shared what brought them to the CCOC and what they were thankful for. Many people shared heartfelt stories of how and why they ended up volunteering at the CCOC that day.

After a word of prayer, volunteers set to work filling to-go boxes and packaging up boxes of dinners and desserts to be delivered.  My dad and I delivered to four homes in Olivia. Two of those households were receiving Thanksgiving Dinner from the CCOC for the first time. We visited and prayed together. It was such a privilege to visit these wonderful people and share a warm, homemade dinner with them.

When we returned to the CCOC, the room was filled with tables of people enjoying the food and visiting with each other. There were smiles and laughter all around. I watched my youngest son as he took orders, filled plates and brought drinks; I was so incredibly proud of him. My older son had gone with a friend to deliver meals to Renville (including 48 meals to the beet plant). He returned full of stories and eager to help in the kitchen.  Who knew they would both
find such joy in serving?

Towards the end of the day, our whole family sat down to eat with friends we had made while volunteering. We enjoyed the great food and company and we marveled at God’s amazing grace. It was obvious to us that God was at work in, amongst and through all the people sharing in Thanksgiving Dinner that day.

I am grateful for the ministry of the CCOC, the hard work of John and Carlotta Eischens, and all the people who came together to carry Christ to one another this Thanksgiving.

Sarah Hausken, CCOC Ministry Coordinator

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