After School at the Center is in Full Swing!

After School at the Center began again on September 10.  We welcomed 49 elementary school kids and 13 teen and adult leaders.  Students come to the CCOC for a healthy snack, Bible story videos, small groups, study skills and enrichment.  Kids have been enjoying their time at the Center while learning about the love of God and working for school success.

I am more than thrilled with the amount of teen and adult leaders who want to volunteer at the CCOC.  It was my goal to have one leader for every 5 youth.  In the first weeks of programming we’ve had ratios even better than that.  Having so many leaders brings incredible benefits to the kids and leaders.  Kids receive personal attention with their homework and mentors who really have the time an energy to give them quality care.  Leaders find it more fulfilling to nurture a handful of kids rather than a large table full.  I am so thankful for the way God is moving people in our community to care for kids.

But volunteering with kids after school isn’t the only way you can help.  You can pray for us! You can sign up to bring snack when your congregation takes a month to do that. You can donate items or money.  I’m especially in need of a new or used cd player. We’ve been using music to signal transitions in our time together. But there are other needs as well (click here to see more). I’m also looking for people to mop and clean window on Thursdays at 6:00.  The kids do most of the cleaning at the center, but those are two things that are tough for the kids to do.

I thank God for this ministry and for leading it forward.

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