A Connection Update

Fellowship of New and Old Friends


Another month has passed, and the kids journey together has just begun!  The kids are adjusting to the larger and more diverse ages of kids attending this year. With this, the kids are interacting with all different age groups, which has given some kids the chance to help younger kids with homework, play games with kids they may not interact with in school which in turn, is fostering new relationships between the kids. It is exciting to see them interact and grow with each other so far this year. (Pictured: Cicada shell hunting, very exciting stuff for the kids.)

This year, we have begun exposing the kids to the community by introducing them to the community through different people that help to make up the community. We have begun to bring in different people and organizations to have them speak to the kids, and allow the kids a chance to ask questions, gain knowledge, and share their own experiences with different people from the community. This is helping us to foster new friends in the community…

Making Friends in the Community

The kids are making new friends from the area community. We want them to experience a positive environment through people with talents and faith from our community.  These interactions are not only introducing the kids to new people with different perspectives and talents, but it is also providing an opportunity for the kids to recognize that they are part of a community that has all of these diverse people as a part of it as well.  

Maybe through these interactions one child is inspired to become a lawyer. Perhaps the group has a future pastor. Maybe a child realizes a profound sense of empathy they posses, and want to help others who are not able to help themselves. The goal is not only for the kids to have fun and enjoy themselves while the guests talking, but to take away something about themselves as well.  This will more than likely not happen with every single guest that comes in, but if just one guest makes a positive difference in the way a child acts behaves around others in the community, then we are succeeding in goals.

Free Will Thanksgiving Dinner Next Month!


Next Month is the annual Thanksgiving Dinner at the CCOC.  Our community Thanksgiving Dinner is on Thanksgiving Day and is a free will offering meal that is open to everyone.  

We serve over 200 dine in meals and deliver over 100 meals to folks in the surrounding community.  We serve empty nesters, widows, and even whole families.  We also deliver meals to those who are working or can’t leave their homes.  Already have plans for Thanksgiving?  What about your neighbor?  Will they be with family or alone?   Everyone is part of the CCOC family, especially on Thanksgiving Day.  If you know of someone who would like to have a meal delivered, please have them call 320-523-6318.  All are welcome to come!

We will also be looking for volunteers to help with the Thanksgiving Dinner.  We need volunteers on Wednesday, November 22nd at St. Aloysius starting at 2pm to help peel potatoes and debone turkeys (bring a peeler with you).  We also need volunteers the day of the dinner to help serve meal, deliver meals, etc.  If you are willing to help and/or volunteer either of these days please call 320-523-6318 or email saraa@ccocmn.org

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