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A Connection Update!

A Connection Update!

New Year, New Program, Old Fashioned Ideas.
This year’s program has new vibes to it, in that old fashioned sort of way. First off, we are open Monday thru Friday, 3-5:30. If school is in session, we are open! If school has holiday vacation, snow days, MEA, or no school for whatever reason, then we will be closed for that day too. No more guess work, no more added complications to already complicated days, just a simple, straightforward approach. If school is in, we are in too.
Secondly, let us do a quick rundown on what to expect when attending the After School Program. Bold Schools bus the students over ( ride BUS #1 or #2) and they will be dropped off in the alley directly behind the CCOC (on the S 8th St side, not Depue Ave or on Lincoln Ave side) where a volunteer (are you interested in Volunteering? Do you know someone who might be? Email or stop by and we can discuss!) or and myself are there to greet the children as they get off the bus. Then it begins!
We start by enjoying a snack donated by one of the area faith community churches. Then we have a quick announcement/group activity where we learn new things from volunteers, community members or from the students themselves. Then we hit the books!
Homework time! If a student claims no homework or that it is done already, we ask the students to do something quiet. Reading, puzzles, or playing a board game with others, are great examples of quiet time activities.
Then we finally move on to free time! This might be a trip to one of the local parks while the weather is nice, a trip to the armory for the not so nice weather, or we stay and play bingo for little prizes, checkers tournaments, or any other kind of fun and safe activity that the kids can do! Now onto a few other things, in case you missed them….

Write up in the Renville County Register
This was an article written up in the Renville County Register on Thursday, August 10th 2017 by Scott Tedrick. It tells how we got to where we are now with the CCOC, the origin story of the CCOC with why Carlotta wanted to create a safe place for kids to come and fellowship together. Also it touches on my story a bit with why I took the position, and what the direction for the Christian Community Outreach Center will be for this year. Thank you to all who read and liked the article! A special thanks to the Renville County Register for write such a wonderful piece on the Christian Community Outreach Center!

Corn Capital Days and the Bio Legacy FloatThen we remeThe float team (pictured above) was excited for the opportunity to throw candy this year at the Corn Capital Day Parade thanks to the Bio Legacy Foundation float. The team had a blast throwing all the candy that they could get there hands on! Bags upon bags full! All went through the air to the lucky parade attendees! The kids were delighted to share with young and old alike, showing how much fun it can be to give so much, and not expect anything in return but seeing happiness on other people’s faces. We appreciate all that helped make the ride a success, especially Bio Legacy for the float and all the children who rode with us on the float.

The New Room Dividers!

They are big, beautiful, and ready to serve!
Thanks to a grant from Bio Legacy and several other generous donors, we are proud owners of new room partitions! They will make homework time easier this year, as well as making the room multi-functional. Thanks again donors!

Information for the CCOC:
On Facebook at Christian Community Outreach Center or by Email-
Phone Number: 320-523-6318 (text or leave a message)
Office Hours: 1-3pm, Monday -Friday or by email appointment